Don't Catastrophize

Don't Catastrophize

Catastrophizing means turning a small inconvenience into a monstrous calamity. Instead of appreciating every small gain, catastrophizing turns every setback into a disaster. It involves patterns of thinking opposite to those that build self-confidence, and means making negative self-judgements that are personal, pervasive and permanent. Watch out for this!

Instead of saying to yourself, "My back muscle looks terrible!" think: " My back muscle aren't as good as my chest muscle. I'll focus on them more ," Instead of " I'm a fat slug and I'll never lose weight! " think :" I could be leaner. How can I cut up ?"

Catastrophizing leads to such psychological disorders as rage, anxiety and depression. It is a sure way to kill enthusiasm and motivation. Do not defeat your attempts to grow strong ,gain mass and cut by wildly exaggerating the obstacles. Be your own cheerleader, not a prophet of doom.

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