Build Self Confidence

Build Self Confidence

When you do an exercise well, gain muscle or lose fat, you might think of it as an isolated event and it boost your confidence level: You were strong this time; you had a good day. Seeing your success this way helps your mood temporarily, but it is not the most effective response. When you advance toward your goals, see it as symbolic of a more pervasive improvement. Make it personal: Your improvement shows your inherent strength of character. Make it pervasive: It will be followed by improvement in all areas of your physique or workout. Make it permanent: Expect the improvement to continue in the future.

Seeing improvements as reflections of your character, rather than as the result of a good day, will build your self confidence. Interestingly, research suggest this works even if you are fooling yourself about having improved. It is to your advantage to seize on all evidence of improvement and take it as a good reflection on you. By believing that your improvement forms part of a trend and it is not an isolated incident, you boost your self confidence and resolve to continue working and look forward to your next workout more.

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