Bodybuilding - Don't Drop Out

Bodybuilding - Don't Drop Out

We all start off our bodybuilding and fitness programs with high hopes and the best intentions, but within six months, 50% of all people drop out of bodybuilding and fitness regimens.

Below are the tips to prevent you from dropping out in your quest for bodybuilding and healthy lifestyle :

  • Believe the message. "The person has to be convinced that an bodybuilding program will make a change in his or her life"

  • Set goals. "Settle into a program that is reasonable in terms of frequency, duration and intensity"

  • Individualize your program. "People aren't likely to continue an activity if they don't enjoy it'

  • Get support. You're more inclined to stick to your bodybuilding program if you get support from your spouse, family and peers.

  • Recognize the barriers. Identify and develop a strategy to overcome obstacles, such as time, travel, expense, facilities and work demands.

  • Exercise, don't intellectualize. Understand the above considerations, then just do it. Focus on adhering to your program. If you can make it past the six-month mark, you'll likely continue your bodybuilding program for the rest of your life.

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