Metabolism and Muscle-Building

Metabolism and Muscle Building


One of the factors that helps create different body types is metabolism. Some people naturally burn more calories than others. Some bodies seem naturally designed to turn food energy into muscle or fat while others turn this energy into fuel for exercise. However, as your body changes, so does your metabolism. Muscle burns calories, so a naturally heavy endomorph will find it easier to get lean as he builds more and more muscle mass. Also, the body is very adaptable, and the literally thousands of various metabolic processes that are going on all the time tend to alter in response to the demands you put on them - turning protein intake into muscle, for example, or increasing your ability to metabolize body fat for energy.

If you are extremely lean or extremely heavy, you should take the precaution of having your thyroid function checked by a physician. The thyroid gland plays a major role in regulating metabolism. When it is underactive (hypothyroid) it is very difficult to burn off excess body fat, and when it is overactive (hyperthyroid) putting on any additional body weight becomes almost impossible. However, it is strongly against to use thyroid as a means of increasing your metabolism and "cutting up" (achieving a state of high definition) when your own thyroid levels are within normal limits. This is dangerous in a number of ways, including the risk that you will permanently damage your natural thyroid function.

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