Enzymes - Not just for Digestion

Enzymes - Not just for Digestion

"You are what you eat only," paints part of the nutritional picture. Nutrition occurs when the food you eat is digested efficiently so that the body can use the nutrients to build and maintain health at the cellular level. Efficient digestion can only take place in the presence of plentiful amounts of enzymes.

Conditions such as joint pain and gout can be a result of indigested proteins, fats and minerals that form uric acid crystals and get caught in the joints. Yeast or fungal growth can start with indigestion of food in the blood stream and can be compounded by white flour and sugar. Extreme fatigue may also be caused by inability to digest proteins and fats, which cause blood to have improper circulation.

Enzymes like amylase, protease and lipase will digest carbohydrate, protein and fats respectively. Enzymes like bromelain, betaine hydrochloride, papain and pancreatin help to maintain healthy joints and circulation, besides the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.

When food is not completely broken down in the intestines, it stays in the intestines to the colon where it feeds the bacteria. Bacteria digestion of food particles then causes gas, abdominal pain, and rumbling of the stomach and the production of harmful toxins in the colon.

Eating raw fruits and vegetables are encouraged to help digestion. A decrease in intake of processed foods is recommended. Alternatively, enzyme supplements like a multi-enzyme formula or a bromelain, papain, betaine hydrochloride supplement should be used to prevent depletion of the body's own enzymes.

You can consume the best foods and take the most well balanced nutritional supplement, but if you do not digest and absorb well, you will enjoy less than optimal health. More and more experts now agree that it's not what you eat that counts, it is what you absorb!

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