Bodybuilding Training for Endomorph Body Type

Bodybuilding Training for Endomorph Body Type  


Bodybuilder with an Endomorph body type will not have too much difficulty in their bodybuilding training program to gain muscle, but will have to be concerned with losing fat weight and then being very careful with diet so as not to gain that weight back. Therefore, for the endormorph's body type bodybuilding training program:

1. A higher proportion of high-set, high-repetition bodybuilding training (no lower than the 10-12 rep range), with very short rest periods so as to burn off as much fat as possible. Doing a few extra sets of a few extra bodybuilding workout exercises while you are trying to get lean is a good idea.

2. Additional aerobic exercise such as bicycle riding, running or some other calorie-consuming exercise done on a continuous basis for 30 to 45 minutes or more at a time is beneficial for endomorph.

3. Endomorph should consume a low-calorie diet that contains the necessary nutritional balance. Not zero anything, but the minimum amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats, with vitamin and mineral supplements to be certain the body is not being deprived of any essential nutrients.  

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