Bodybuilding Training for Ectomorph Body Type

Bodybuilding Training for Ectomorph Body Type  


Bodybuilder with an Ectomorph body type first objective for their bodybuilding training is to gain weight, preferably in the form of quality muscle mass. He will not have the strength and endurance for marathon training sessions, will find that muscle mass develops very slowly, and will often have to force himself to eat enough to ensure continued growth. Therefore, for the ectomorph's body type bodybuilding training program:

1. Ectomorph should include plenty of power moves for a bodybuilding training program that builds maximum mass. Your program should tend toward heavy weight and low reps (in the 6-8 rep range after proper warm-up)

2. Learn to train intensely during your bodybuilding workout and make every set count. That way you can keep your bodybuilding training workouts relatively short and still make substantial gains (perhaps 14-16 sets per major body part rather than 16-20). Make sure to get enough rest between sets and give yourself enough time to recuperate between workouts.

3. Pay careful attention to nutrition; ectomorph should take in more calories than you are accustomed to, and if necessary, use weight-gain and protein drinks to supplement your food intake.

4. Remember, you are trying to turn food energy into mass, so be careful not to burn up too much energy with excessive amounts of other activities such as aerobics, running, swimming, and other sports. Some cardio exercise is both desirable and necessary for good health, but anyone who spends hours a day expending large amounts of physical energy outside the gym will have a lot more trouble building muscle while in the gym for ectomorph.  

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