Why Exercise Produce Free Radicals

Why Exercise Produce Free Radicals  

Most people believe free radicals are generated primarily by excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, radiation, air pollution, cigarette smoke and various chemicals. While these factors add to your oxidative stress, most free radicals are formed right inside your body.

We depend on oxygen to stay alive. Oxygen helps our cells produce ATP, the chemical form of energy that powers our bodies. This ATP is needed in extra quantities when we exercise. The longer and more intensive the exercise, the more oxygen is consumed. While oxygen is absolutely vital for energy production, it is also a potent free radical producer.

Furthermore, exercisers often "stoke up" on carbohydrates - called carbohydrate loading - before intensive exercise. Doing so adds fuel to the body's biochemical furnace, but it also generates additional free radicals.

Another major source of free radicals are infection and inflammation - problems which are amplified in people who exercise vigorously, particularly when they exercise outdoors. Exertion in extremely hot and cold weather and at high altitudes, where many professional athletes train, also increases free radical production.

Free radical production during exercise can overwhelm the body's antioxidant defense systems. Unless neutralized, these free radicals multiply in a chemical chain reaction with effects reaching throughout the body.

Free radicals may be a natural part of life, but their excessive production accelerates the aging process and the development of disease. If you exercise, which you should, it makes sense to take extra antioxidant nutrients to neutralize these unwanted free radicals. A number of studies have shown that antioxidant nutrients reduce muscle soreness after physical exertion and speed up recovery from hard workouts.


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