Shin Splints - Periostitis

Shin Splints - Periostitis

Shin splints is a pain in the front of the lower leg, often as a result of inflammation of the sheath surrounding the bone, may be periostitis. Shin splints arise from running too much on hard surfaces, and on tiptoes. Those who over pronate (a condition where the foot rolls inwards as one runs or walks, as evident in uneven wear in the heel portion of the shoes) are more susceptible to shin splints.

Shin Splints (Periostitis) symptoms : Tenderness and redness on the inside of the shin, swelling, pain when foot is bent downwards and bumps over the bone.

Shin Splints (Periostitis) treatment : Rest and apply ice to curb pain if necessary. As pronation can cause other problems for knees and hip bones, it's a good idea to invest in orthotic heel inserts that can correct the shin splints (periostitis) problem.

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