Prevention and Protection - Sports Injury

Prevention and Protection - Sports Injuries

No two person's bodies are alike. We differ greatly in physical fitness and conditioning. Moreover, some of us are also more predisposed to certain forms of sports injuries than others. For instance, those who suffer from abnormal curvature of the spine are naturally more susceptible to back injuries.

Joints can get injured when the components - ligaments, muscles and bone - are too weak for the demands we put on it, especially in sports where repetitive action can stress an overloaded part over and over again.

To better protect and prevent ourselves from sports injury, we can strengthen our joints with resistance exercises, using progressively heavier weights. Sports injury can be further minimized with some preparation, such as warming up and stretching before intense activity, and cooling down after that. Also, in cases where muscles and joints have been worked intensely, give the muscle fibers about 48 hours to self-repair. Those who have the habit of playing sports every day should consider this, and take care to vary their routine to stress different parts of the body from day to day.

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