Prevent Deadlifts Injury

Prevent Deadlifts Injury

Learn how to prevent deadlifts injury :

1) Deadlift with the back tight and straight, keeping the head up, takes undesirable stress off the spinal column and lower back muscles injure. The vertebrae are in alignment, with no unequal stress placed on the intervertebral discs, which is of vital importance to the safety of the lower back.

2)  When you begin the deadlift with your head up and back straight, you allow the glutei, leg muscles and lower back to drive the bar upward with maximum force.

3) Deadlifting with the back in a rounded position with head down places unequal pressure on the delicate intervertebral discs and lower back muscles. The discs are simultaneously compressed on one side and extended on the other. Keeping the head up and the back straight distributes the stress and reduces the chance of injury.

4) Starting a deadlift with your back bent forward means that the lower back is going to have to do most of the initial work to get the bar moving. In order to prevent deadlifts injury, do not do so !

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