Initial Treatment for Bodybuilding Injuries

Initial Treatment for Bodybyuilding Injuries

Initial treatment for all these bodybuilding injuries is rest; the injured area must be protected against further injury. Working through or working out the injury can make it only worse.

For a mild strain, rest and avoid the bodybuilding workout that caused the injury. This may be the only treatment necessary until the extremity has recovered.

In a more severe injury to the leg, for example, crutches may be required for complete or partial limitation of weight on the injured extremity, or bed rest may be required for elevation of the leg, compression (pressure) dressing, splinting, and application of ice packs. If the injury occurs in a non-weight bearing extremity the same logical thinking should applied.

In very severe muscle and tendon injuries, with complete rupture of any of the components, the integrity of these components must be restored and surgical repair may be required. Even in these severe cases, the first-aid principles are the same as just described; rest (to promote healing), elevation (to aid blood flow out of the injured area), ice packs (to cause vasoconstriction - a decrease in the diameter of the blood vessels - and reduce hemorrhaging), compression (reduce hemorrhaging and swelling), and immobilization (to prevent further injury).

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