Homeopathic Medicine Kit

Homeopathic Medicine Kit

These should often be used in conjunction with other appropriate treatment.

ARNICA - for injuries to muscles and connective tissue, particularly useful for injuries from overuse; also minimized jet lag.

ARNICA GEL, OINTMENT SPRAY - even if another remedy is recommended for internal use, Arnica gel, ointment or spray should be applied externally to the sprain or strain.

RUTA - for torn ligaments, injuries to knees or elbows, and bone injuries (bruises to the periosteum or bone covering).

APIS ( bee venom ) - for strained tendons, burning pain in muscles after a workout, hot sprains, excessive swelling aggravated by heat and relieved by cold applications.

CUPRUM METALLICUM ( copper ) - for cramps, muscle convulsions.

LACTICUM ACIDUM ( lactic acid ) - promotes longer workouts by helping the body resorb lactic acitd more efficiently

BRYONIA - for muscle aches, injured or tight hamstring muscles, headaches, arthritic pain, injuries to the back or neck.

HYPERICUM ( St. John's wort ) - for nerve injuries sharp and shooting back pains or sharp and shooting pains extending from the wrist. ( Conventional medical treatment, chiropractic care or physical therapy may be advised, too. )

VERATRUM ALBUM - for sunburn, heat exhaustion.

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