Finger Sprains

Finger Sprain

Finger Sprains

Finger sprains are injuries that are caused by over stretching of the ligaments of the fingers. The most common cause of a finger sprain is a fall onto your hand. Often the finger bends abnormally, causing ligament injury and subsequent pain.

What are the symptoms of a finger sprain ?

The most common symptoms for finger sprains are pain, swelling, and tenderness of the affected finger.

How should a finger sprain be treated ?

Finger sprains are often splinted or buddy-taped for a short period of time. So long as there was no fracture or dislocation, most finger sprains able to heal within a week. Splinting the sprained finger during sports can help protect the injury, but unnecessarily splinting the finger cause it to stiffen up. You should discuss with your doctor when to begin finger motion.

Other treatments for a finger sprain include:

  • Using RICE therapy
  • Taking an anti-inflammatory medication
  • Gently moving the finger to prevent stiffening

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