Chiropractors use their skills to treat conditions like muscle or joint problems, headache, back pain, tinnitus, vertigo and asthma. The chiropractic method was developed in the 19th century and now it has over 60,000 practitioners world wide.

The practitioners see the spine as a protector of the nervous system and aim to treat misalignment of the spine by maintaining good posture. They focus on manipulation of the joints to keep internal organs in good shape. There is evidence that chiropractic methods work wonders in certain conditions.

Chiropractic treatments are useful in relaxing tight muscles around joints and improving suppleness of movement. They are particularly effective in treating the back or neck problems which are so common after middle age.

During a consultation, the practitioner will ask you about general health matters and will examine your joints to discover any locked or misaligned joints. People suffering from osteoporosis or circulation problems should be treated with extra care. X-rays of particular joints may be taken. The course of treatment lasts from three to six weeks and then a maintenance sessions every few months may be appropriate.

Certain forms of arthritis may not be suitable for treatment, but otherwise chiropractic may be used in association with any other complementary and conventional treatments.

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