Bodybuilding - Therapy

Bodybuilding - Therapy

If there is no bleeding or swelling, moist heat should be applied in some form of hot pack rather than a heat lamp, which just tends to warm the skin. A steam bath, Jacuzzi, and even nice hot bath are all good bodybuilding therapy. There is no evidence that soaking in Epsom salts has any positive benefits, and the various commercial preparations advertised as soothing muscle soreness only stimulate the surface of the skin and have no real therapeutic value.

In cases where muscle strain has been severe enough to cause actual rupture of fibers, with the associated bleeding and swelling of tissues, heat should not be used, since it would promote vasodilation (an increase in the diameter of the blood vessels), which would increase blood supply to the part involved and induce swelling. Here, ice packs should be used to promote vasoconstriction, reducing the flow of blood to the area. Compression, elevation, and immobilization are all recommended treatments in the event of swelling.

Bleeding into tissues can be localized, as in a bruise or contusion, collected in a local pool (hematoma), or extravasate and, with seepage, discolor a large part of an extremity distant from the site of injury (ecchymosis).

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