Bodybuilding - Pain

Bodybuilding - Pain

Pain when you are performing your bodybuilding workout is a warning sign that a body part has been injured. By letting the pain be your guide, you can practice preventive medicine. First avoid the bodybuilding workout that caused the pain and allow the area involved to recover. After an adequate period of rest you can gradually resume your bodybuilding training.

Once you have regained full range of motion of the injured extremity and there is no associated pain, you have healed enough to increase the resistance to that movement on a gradual, progressive basis.

If you begin to feel pain, you have gone too far. Healing takes place by degrees over a period of time, and pain is an indicator of how far along you are. To progress too much too soon and not stay within the boundaries described - freedom from pain - risks getting more severe injury and chronic injury.

Bodybuilders often become frustrated with prolonged or even short recuperation periods because of the resultant loss of conditioning, the setbacks, the "shrinking" (muscular atrophy and loss of muscle volume), and the mental and emotional anguish of not being able to train. However, the ability to deal competently with injury and to have the discipline to allow healing to take place is essential to a successful bodybuilder. To do otherwise could further delay or completely prevent you from achieving your muscle developments.

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