Back Pain

Back Pain

Extended rest may be the worst thing you can do for back pain. In fact, the longer you rest, the less chance you have of reversing your back injury. The Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine explains that most back pain is caused by soft tissue injury, which produces edema, swelling and biochemical changes. Gentle, progressive physical activity increases fluid exchange around the injured area and helps get rid of extra cellular, extra vascular fluid.

Early mobilization is critical, those who started progressive stretching exercises within the first month of the onset of back pain had a 95% success rate. The longer the patients waited to begin stretching, the more the success rate dwindled.

Some patients with chronic pain get caught in a vicious circle of reconditioning that includes diminished aerobic capacity, decreased range of motion, and often, an attitude of disability.

Exercise will not only help maintain physical condition, but also morale. See your doctor if you need advice about specific back exercises and how to cure back pain.

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