Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprains

A sprains ankle occurs following a sudden sideways or twisting movement of the foot. The most common mechanism of a sprains ankle occurs when a person lands from jumping or running on an uneven surface. For example, sprain ankles are often seen when basketball players come down from a jump and land on another player's foot. A sprain ankle occurs when the ligaments of the foot are either stretched too far or torn due to the twisting injury.

What are the symptoms of an ankle sprain ?

Common ankle sprains symptoms include:

  • Inability to place weight on the leg
  • Numbness of the toes
  • Moderate pain and swelling

What should we do if we have an ankle sprain ?

More severe ankle sprain injuries, including complete tears of the ligaments and fractures of the bone may need different treatment and rehabilitation than a simple ankle sprain. A broken ankle can lead to arthritis if not adequately treated, and joint instability may require surgery.

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