The potential benefits of acupuncture for bodybuilders are enormous. First and foremost is in the realm of pain. Acupuncture is so effective in blocking out pain, many types of surgery in China are performed without anesthesia, just a few strategically placed needles. Many of these cases are chronicled - we're not talking hangnails or hemorrhoids, but brain and open heart surgery, many times with the patient completely awake ( and in some instances, snacking on fruit during the operation ).

Acupuncture can also be used in bodybuilding to help avoid overtraining. It's known to have a tonic effect on the metabolism, which can crawl to a stop after too many weeks of bar-bending, eyeball-popping heavy training. If acupuncture treatment can keep the metabolism smoking and the hormones pumping, that translates into longer stretches of productive workouts. We don't need to tell the anabolically challenged among you that this means bigger, more cut muscles.

Finally, acupuncture positively affects that entity known as state of mind. The common cycle of bad moods leading to bad workouts can become endless and self-perpetuating. If left unchecked, it may lead to a whole host of mental and physical problems. Bodybuilders wishing to bust out of this all-too-familiar rut would be well-advised to try acupuncture. Why? Explanations range from increased endorphin levels to serotonin stimulation. Yet the why isn't as important as the ultimate result. If your abs emerge, your poundage increase and your appetite returns after a couple of weeks of acupuncture treatment, you'll be too happy enjoying your physiques improvements to worry about scientific explanations.

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