Which Exercise is Best for Beginners

Which Exercise is Best for Beginner

Spinning, Body Pump, Hip-Hop, Kick-Fit, Yoga, Pilates, Boxercise, Yoga-fit, Line dancing ... there are so many different types of exercise classes to choose from if you are contemplating to start one.

How do you know which type of exercise class suits you best? Well, it depends on your exercise objectives, your interest and of course, your initial level of fitness.

For beginners

If you have never exercised in your life or if you have stopped exercising for a long time, and have a new year resolution to start doing it, you might benefit more from a beginner's class of line-dancing, low-impact aerobic workout, aqua-aerobic or body conditioning class.

If you are not a great fan of coordination, you might want to skip line dancing and go for a low-impact aerobic or aqua-aerobic and body conditioning class. If you do so, always remember that your priority is to sweat it out and burn those calories. Hence it does not matter even if you cannot catch up with the rest of the class - just move along and have fun. Forget those arm movements if you cannot follow; concentrate on the legs first.

If you would like to burn some fats, you might want to try low-impact aerobic or aqua-aerobic for a start. Aqua-aerobic is especially beneficial to people rehabilitating from an injury and for the elderly and overweight. Water cushions the impact from the movements and provides an extra form of resistance to the workout. Body conditioning (sometimes called New Body) class tones up the flabs, helps strengthen your muscles but is not a class for burning fats.

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