Regulate Blood Sugar

Regulate Blood Sugar

Insulin and glucagon are two hormones in the body that regulate blood glucose (sugar). Insulin pulls some sugar out of our blood after we eat, and glucagon pulls some sugar into our blood between meals, helping to regulate our blood sugar steady and our energy output even.

Although insulin and glucagon are two hormones that keep our blood sugar stable, we still need to think about the timing and composition of food intake. Follow these guidelines for the best overall diet in order to regulate blood sugar:

  • Eat a mixed diet of 58%-60% of calories from carbohydrates, 12%-20% from protein and less than 30% from fat.

  • Choose mostly complex carbohydrates.

  • Select simple sugars from 100% fruit juice or, even better, whole fruit, and low or nonfat dairy products.

  • Limit simple sugars from candies and other sweets with little nutritional value.

  • Plan nutrient dense snacks into your diet.

  • Graze through the day, eating smaller portions but more often.

  • Drink a glass of water at least every couple of hours.

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