Herbs and Spices Diet Plan

Herbs and Spices Diet Plan

Herbs and spices add zest and flavor to bodybuilding diet without adding fat and lots of calories.

1) Try using different herbs on and in the foods you eat. Herbs are fat free and can give each dish - even if it is the same meat, chicken and fish - a unique flavor. With so many different types of herbs, you can invent many more chicken, fish or meat dishes.

2) Use seasonings and healthy toppings like Mrs. Dash, Papa Dash and Butter Buds. They'll add great tastes to those healthy foods without the fat and sodium.

3) Use onions and garlic, they're fat free and lend food a wonderful taste and aroma. And garlic has been proven to offer many other health benefits as well.

4) Parsley and cloves give fish, chicken, turkey and beef just the right seasoning that's not too harsh or overpowering.

5) A hint of mint on chicken and fish will liven up any meal, and skinless chicken breast sprinkled with cinnamon tantalizes the taste buds. But don't go overboard on the cinnamon!

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