Healthy Diet - Healthy Living

Healthy Diet - Healthy Living  

Observe these for life and you'll never go wrong! When the time comes you'll see hundreds of thousands in unrealized savings when you go on medical visits to cousins and relatives hospitalized for heart attacks, diabetes, liver disease, lung cancer etc... you know the usual staple of preventable illnesses; and hear them complain about the murderous medical bills.

As mentioned before, if you are not obese then although there is no need for a diet plan, one should observe that health is a resonance of your diet, overall well being and fitness. In keeping with this, the below guidelines serve to help maintain those of you who have reached your ideal weight while setting the tone for the more fortunate to switch to a more healthy lifestyle.

1. Stop all fast foods

With the exception of Subway Sandwiches, Oliver's Sandwiches, Super Sandwiches and the like, most fast food outlets serve food that is very bad for health. Burger joints are the worst of the lot, they use fattening sauces, fried meat and encourage greater consumption by penalizing customers who choose to take smaller sized servings (notice how a'la carte costs you more or that the price difference between a small, regular and large meal is so little?). These definitely go on the blacklist of eateries. With so many new brands and versions coming up remember that in the end wise selection is what matters most. If you can't avoid having a meal at one because of work of friends on a day other than your treat day, be selective. For example, if you are going to one of the popular pizza outlets, skip the pizzas, pastas and main course offerings instead go for a salad and garlic bread.

2. Stop all carbonated drinks

With the exception of Ginger beer, isotonic drinks and green tea most other canned drinks are heavily sweetened with several table spoons of sugar. All the popular colas and soft drinks must be given up. Drink only if there is nothing else available and you are sure you will die or thirst sometime soon!

3. Stop drinking

If you are a regular well then this one is going to be hard on you but it's necessary because most alcoholic drinks are high in calories. Hence the term "beer belly".

4. Stop snacking

Instead of 3 big meals split your food intake into 6 small to light meals instead. This ensures the body gets enough energy when it is needed rather than too much at a go which results in storage and which then causes hunger pangs that encourage snacking which will lead to even more weight gain.

5. Enjoy complex carbohydrates

Vegetables, fruits, Cereals, Brown bread and rice all constitute complex carbohydrates which are much more difficult for the body to breakdown than all white foods like white bread, white rice and pastas and noodles. Thus the body uses more energy breaking down these and has less available for use or for storage.

6) Avoid red meat and restrict overall meat intake

Be sure to have one or two days in the week for detoxification, where you live on fruits, vegetables, milk and water with just one proper meal in the day. This is to cleanse your system and particularly your stomach. Try not to take meat more than five times a week and even then avoid all red meat like lamb. Preferred meats are tuna, salmon, chicken breast or rib and the best of all - turkey breast.

7. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily

As aforementioned you should ideally drink min 10 glasses to detoxify and cleanse the body and to fill you up so that you are not tempted to eat that much.

8. Exercise daily

Depending on your condition moderate to intensive exercise is necessary at least 5 times a week. Ideally one should rest on their treat day if they are following the diet outlines, those who are not can select any one day. Exercise everyday with one day's entire session devoted to cardio and the use of the sauna. The remaining 5 days should contain a mix of cardio and weight training.

9. Get sufficient sleep

Lack of sufficient sleep leads to lethargy and exhaustion. This will impact your exercise routine negatively and may also lead to craving for food especially foods higher in sugar.

10. Avoid eating out

The best strategy to maintenance is to eat at home as often as possible because as you prepare a meal only for yourself and a few others it is certainly cleaner than restaurants and stalls where food is prepared in mass. Also it is hard to find food that is not laced with oils, creams, sauces, spices etc.


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