Guidelines for Using Energy Bars

Guidelines for Using Energy Bars

  • Taste : If you plan to eat the energy bar during or shortly before bodybuilding, choose one that tastes good and is easily digestible. Most of the energy bars taste reasonably good. While none tasted as good to us as a bar of Swiss chocolate, some were very tasty, while others left us with an unpleasant vitamin taste that lingered. Of course, flavor is in the taste buds of the taster, so the individual is the final judge. Energy intake is a problem for many serious bodybuilder, so it's important that you choose an energy bar that you'll eat.

  • Timing for endurance bodybuilder : Eat energy bars several hours before exercise, shortly before exercise (10 minutes or less), during exercise or during recovery. Eating an energy bar 30-45 minutes before exercise will cause high blood insulin levels at the beginning of exercise, which may decrease blood sugar and impair performance.

  • Timing for strength bodybuilder : Timing is not as critical for these bodybuilders. However, eating the energy bars during or after bodybuilding workouts may speed muscle growth. Studies have shown that these athletes often don't take in enough energy in their diets. Energy bars could be a convenient way to get the extra calories you may need.

  • Drink water with energy bars : Energy bars are highly concentrated. Water helps speed their digestion and absorption into your bloodstream.

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