Electrolyte Excess - Water Deficiency

Electrolyte Excess - Water Deficiency

A bodybuilder cannot live by bread or protein alone. Lack of water or water deficiency can cause electrolyte imbalances, and electrolytes influence body water distribution, nerve impulses, muscle contractions and our moods. The "Electrolyte Enquirer" lists the major electrolytes and shows how an imbalance may make you feel.

Electrolyte Enquirer

Electrolyte         Excess due to insufficient water intake may make you feel

Sodium              Agitated

Potassium          Weak

Calcium             Apathetic

Magnesium         Depressed

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you receive adequate amounts of water.

  • One liter daily for every 1,000 calories consumed

  • 2 cups of water two hours before a workout

  • 2 cups of water 15 minutes before a workout

  • 1 cup of water every 15 minutes during a workout

  • 2 cups of water for every pound lost after your workout

Remember that your body is 60%-70% water. The more muscular you are, the more water you are. Keep your electrolytes excess in balance by eating a wide variety of foods and drinking water. Cold water is best because it leaves the stomach quicker than warm water. This helps prevent the "sloshing" feeling in your gut and makes your workout more enjoyable.

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