Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Diet to Lower Cholesterol

A diet which contains a low amount of cholesterol is ideal, but we also need to eat more foodstuffs which actually help lower cholesterol in the blood. Some of these are carrots, oat bran, dried beans, garlic, avocados and virgin olive oil. Research has shown that these foodstuffs reduce the chance of developing heart disease and stroke.

Try to avoid white bread, chips and crisps, salami, butter, lard and suet. Ice cream, creamy soups, salad cream, jam, sweets, fatty meats, sausages, pork pies and pâté are also off the menu.

Choose these instead: whole meal bread and pasta, rice, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, turkey, sunflower cooking oil, low fat milk and yogurt, mineral water, tomato juice, home-made soups and nuts.

A study of several thousand men has found that those who ate 140g (5oz) of nuts a week had a lower risk of developing heart disease than those who did not eat nuts frequently. Although nuts contain a high amount of fat, this is the 'good' type of fat which is essential for robust health. Eating almonds and walnuts reduces cholesterol in the blood.

Having a slightly high cholesterol is not as important in older individuals as it is in younger people. In a study of nearly 1,000 people aged 70 and over, no connection was found between high cholesterol and death from heart disease.

Before you have your blood taken for a cholesterol test, consider this: people who sit down for 20 minutes before a cholesterol blood test have, on the whole, lower cholesterol than those who stand up for 10 minutes just before the test.

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