Controlling Blood Sugar

Controlling Blood Sugar

The control of blood sugar is complex. If you follow a few simple principles, however, you can help prevent uncomfortable fluctuations in blood sugar that could affect your progress in the gym:

  • Avoid high-sugar foods before exercise. While occasionally eating these foods as part of your diet is okay, try to eat more complex carbohydrates. Simple sugars taste sweeter, so people naturally tend to want to eat them more, but this will make blood sugar harder to regulate and contributes to body fat deposition. However, small amounts of quick-acting carbs just before and during exercise can help maintain your blood sugar and energy levels.

  • Eat carbs after exercise to help maintain blood sugar and replenish glycogen (carbohydrate) stores during recovery. Total carb intake matters more than the ratio of simple to complex carbs, or the high and low glycemic index ratings.

  • Eat more protein during each meal. Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, help maintain blood sugar through the process of gluconeogenesis. The amino acids from the proteins in your meals act like tiny timed release blood-sugar regulators. Protein in the diet will help maintain blood sugar, keeping hunger away. Some fat in the diet also slows the absorption of glucose.

  • Eat smaller meals more often during the day. Smaller meals that are high in complex carbohydrates make it easier to regulate blood sugar levels. giving you a more sustained energy level.

  • Stay in shape. Exercise helps control blood-sugar regulation.

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