Bodybuilding Nutrients

Bodybuilding Nutrients

Should we eat fat? Yes - fat isn't all bad. It plays an important role in satiety and slows the digestion rate. This allows time for the nutrients to be absorbed and also helps regulate the absorption of sugars found naturally in foods. Fat works to maintain and stabilize blood-sugar levels when it slows absorption.

A bodybuilder needs the amino acids from protein foods to build muscles, in conjunction with an intense workout routine. Carbohydrates give the bodybuilder the energy to complete an intense routine and to spare the protein from being used as energy.

There are two main types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates or sugars are found in dairy products (lactose), fruits (fructose) and sweetened foods (sucrose). Eating these foods by themselves may lead to a high rise in blood glucose, followed by a drop.

Keep in mind, however, that dairy products and fruits provide not only calories, but vitamins and minerals. Some sweetened foods such as candies, cakes and cookies tend to be high in calories from sucrose, but lack nutrients.

Complex carbohydrates are also called starches. They come in many delicious forms:

Grains :rice, corn, oat, wheat, barley

Legumes :peanut, pea, various beans, chick-pea, soybean

Tubers : potato, yam

Complex carbohydrates regulate blood glucose more effectively than simple sugars because they're also high in fiber. Fiber, like fat, will delay digestion and absorption. The bottom line is to choose a high complex-carbohydrate diet to keep your energy, blood-sugar level and mood up.

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