Blood Sugar Basics

Blood Sugar Basics

Try these techniques to help keep your blood glucose levels on a more even and productive level.

1) Avoid refined carbs - Such carbs promote the greatest insulin release, thus opening up the possibility of hypoglycemia. This is particularly true if you combine refined carbs with alcohol.

2) Eat a moderate-protein, high complex carbs diet - Specifically, aim for a diet composed of 60% of calories from carbs, 15-30% from protein and 10-25% from fat.

3) Eat frequent small meals - Space meals no more than three hours apart.

4) Try food supplements - Studies show that the trace mineral chromium can help maintain proper blood glucose levels by increasing insulin effectiveness. Also important are B-complex vitamins, magnesium, zinc, manganese and Vitamin C. Polyunsaturated fatty acids increase cell-membrane fluidity and increase the number of insulin receptors, thus making insulin more effective. Studies show that in rats made insulin resistant with a high-fat diet, the resistance is prevented by including omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oils) in the diet.

5) Limit coffee consumption.

6) Avoid smoking - Smoking stimulates insulin secretion

7) Eat soluble fiber - Soluble fiber, such as the pectin found in fruit and oat brain, slows absorption of sugars. Combining a soluble fiber with a refined carbohydrate can drastically reduce the resulting insulin release.

8) Avoid anabolic steroids and growth hormone - Oral anabolic steroids can cause both hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance, resulting in what has been described as a prediabetic state. The use of exogenous growth hormone can also stimulate secretion of insulin, which could cause blood glucose problems.

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