The Art of Bodybuilding Posing

The Art of Bodybuilding Posing

Bodybuilding posing involves learning the basic bodybuilding poses, individualizing them to suit your physique, and then putting together your best bodybuilding poses in an individual posing routine. Top bodybuilders all have poses for which they are famous, poses that allow them to compete effectively against their opponents. Some bodybuilders like to do certain basic poses to show off the fact that they have the best development of certain body parts. Others avoid these bodybuilding poses because they can't compete directly in displaying basic muscle development, but instead develop creative variations that display other qualities such as shape, symmetry, and proportion.

When it comes to developing your own bodybuilding posing style, if you are a fan of bodybuilders like Jay Cutler, Kevin Levrone, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, or anyone else, be sure you have the same kind of physique before blindly trying to copy their poses.

Bodybuilding posing can be a tool for drawing attention to your strengths and away from your weaknesses. Different poses for the same body part tend to emphasize different qualities of the entire body. For example, certain back poses will draw attention to mass and others to symmetry; one might display your triceps muscles most effectively, another your delts. By using the proper bodybuilding pose, you could force the judges to notice outstanding calves muscles, or camouflage the fact that your calves muscles are not as good as they should be.

One should choose bodybuilding poses that are creative on two levels: making them as aesthetic and dramatic as possible, almost like a form of dance, and manipulating the focus of attention of the judges so that they notice what you want them to and ignore what you'd prefer they ignore. Bodybuilding posing is not easy to learn, and it takes time. But it is a valuable and virtually essential skill for any bodybuilder desiring to become a true bodybuilding champion.

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