Practice Bodybuilding Pose

Practice Bodybuilding Pose

As important as it is to competitive bodybuilding, it is never too soon to practice bodybuilding pose. You should begin the first day you walk into the gym. Study photos of other bodybuilders, go to contests and watch how the bodybuilders pose, and try to emulate them. Begin by doing your bodybuilding pose in front of a mirror until you think you have a feel for them. Then try performing the pose without a mirror while a friend watches you.

Between sets, flex the muscles you are training, hit some bodybuilding pose, and study yourself in the mirror. This will condition you to hard, sustained contractions of the muscles and also help you to analyze the current state of your muscle development.

Remember the need for endurance! The judges will often have you holding poses for minutes at a time; you might have to stay flexed for hours during a strenuous bodybuilding prejudging. So in your posing practice, don't just hit a bodybuilding pose for a few seconds and then relax. Hold them until it hurts, then hold them some more- now is the time to go to failure, to get muscle cramps, to suffer so that your posing in competition will be smooth, competent, and powerful. Keep at it for at least an hour a day, maybe even more as you get closer to a bodybuilding contest. You will be glad you did once you find yourself standing onstage performing your bodybuilding pose.

Another thing to remember is that bodybuilders under pressure tend to pose faster than they would in practice. Count slowly to three, four, or five, and to use this as a measure of how long to hold your pose. This way you will avoid rushing when you get caught up in the excitement of an actual contest.

One of the most important qualities to develop in your bodybuilding pose is confidence. Whether you are standing relaxed onstage, going through the compulsories, or doing your own routine, you need to appear confident, to radiate energy and competence, But to do this requires a lot of practice so that you can hit each shot perfectly and continue to pose over and over again without showing signs of strain and fatigue. And remember to practice bodybuilding posing from the neck down, but keeping your face relaxed and showing a confident expression.

In addition to your regular, concentrated practice, from time to time you just run through your bodybuilding pose very quickly, not really hitting them with full length, but just familiarizing yourself with the feeling of going from one to the other quickly and without hesitation, smoothing out the transitions and teaching your body how to get from one bodybuilding pose to another without stumbling or awkwardness.

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