Posing the Calves Muscles

Posing the Calves Muscles

In every pose you do onstage, you need to flex the calves muscles. Bodybuilders usually learn to pose from the ground up - set the feet, flex the calves and legs muscles, then the upper body. But most bodybuilders don't spend time learning to flex and pose the calves muscles by themselves. The ability to do this comes in handy when you are standing relaxed in round one and you want to hit your calves muscles, fanning them out to impress the judges.

To learn to do this, it's recommended to posing and flexing the calves muscles between each set of calf training, developing the connection between the mind and muscle so that you gain absolute control over how the calf looks. This also makes the muscle harder and more developed, since the flexing is itself a kind of isometric exercise.

Remember, you will want to be able to show off your calf muscles in poses in which your feet are flat on the floor as well as when you are up on your toes, so you should practice flexing in order to get the kind of muscle control you need to accomplish this. While leaning against a machine or a wall, go up on your toes as far as possible, to get maximum contraction of the calf muscle.

You can create a stronger visual impression if you can keep you calves muscles flexed while "standing relaxed" in the first round of bodybuilding competition. But you must practice flexing or you will lack the endurance to stand this way for more than a few minutes. We have seen a lot of competitors develop leg cramps because they failed to work hard enough at this.

Even when you are doing side poses, calf development plays an important part. When you are doing a side chest shot, for instance, and concentrating on your upper body, a good judge will also take your calves muscles into consideration.

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