Posing As Exercise

Posing As Exercise

You will never be able to really refine every single muscle in the body just by training. Workouts tend to hit just the big muscle groups. But for the serratus, intercostals, and obliques, for extra chest, deltoids, thigh and biceps definition, the finishing touches are supplied by bodybuilding posing exercise.

A basic physique is developed by training, but posing adds sharpness and quality. We noticed time after time that many bodybuilders seem to be in their best shape a day or two after the competition. This is due, to all the flexing and bodybuilding posing exercise they had to do during the bodybuilding contest.

A bodybuilder who trains but never poses is like an uncut diamond - the quality is there potentially, but it cannot be seen. Just as the diamond cutter brings out the brilliance of the stone as he reveals first one facet and then another, the bodybuilder sharpens and completes his physique by long, hard hours of bodybuilding posing practice. Posing had actually been a terrific workout for parts of your body that your normal workouts apparently didn't touch.

One of the reasons that posing (which is, after all, isometric contraction of the muscles) helps so much is that it works muscle areas that training frequently misses. You may stand in front of a mirror and flex your thighs, pectorals, or deltoids, but how often do you consider what lies in between these larger muscle groups? What bodybuilding posing exercise does is tie those areas together and give the physique a truly finished look, the kind of polish that makes the difference between a good bodybuilder and a true champion. It exercises and stimulates all those in-between areas, the tie-ins, the minor but essential areas of the muscle structure.

So be certain, as your bodybuilding contest approaches, that you really hit the posing exercise hard, not just to condition yourself for posing in prejudging, but to give you the ultimate definition and muscle separation that diet and training alone won't provide. It is really impossible for us to exaggerate how much time and effort it takes to be really prepared - in terms of doing the bodybuilding poses correctly, in regard to creating a smooth and graceful bodybuilding posing routine, and to what degree you can finish off and detail your physique by hours and hours of bodybuilding posing exercise.

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