How to Choose Bodybuilding Posing Music

How to Choose Bodybuilding Posing Music

Take this a step further by taping your bodybuilding posing and watching the video while listening to the music. Do the two seem to go together? Get some other opinions by asking your friends what they think.

Remember, you don't have to use music exactly the way it was recorded. You can have different sections of a piece or even parts of different musical selections edited together. Nowadays, a lot of bodybuilders are going to sound-mixing studios to create posing tapes that contain a lot of varied elements, giving a very theatrical feel to their individual bodybuilding posing presentation. When this is done well, it can be great. Remember, as entertaining as bodybuilding posing can be, the point of free posing is to convince the judges what a good physique you have.

Make sure your selection of bodybuilding posing music meets with these criteria:

  1. It should be the right length, long enough to allow you to create an impressive bodybuilding posing routine but not so long that the judges and the audience begin to get bored. In amateur bodybuilding competition the length of bodybuilding posing routines is often limited (check with the sanctioning organization or promoter in advance to be sure), but on the professional level you can pose for as long as you want.

  2. The bodybuilding posing music you choose should have the right pace and rhythms to go with the kind of bodybuilding pose you want to perform. You don't want the music to force you to pose faster or slower than you would prefer or force you to conform to an uncomfortable rhythm.

  3. The mood and the feel of the music should complement your bodybuilding posing style. A bodybuilding posing routine backed up by classical music should be very different from one done to rock 'n' roll.

  4. If there are lyrics or sound effects in the piece, they should not distract from your bodybuilding posing.

  5. The music should appropriate to your individual physique. A smaller, more aesthetic bodybuilder takes risks when he poses to grandiose, fate-and-doom music better suited to a massive, Herculean physique.

  6. Listen to a lot of different music, not just the kind you find most entertaining - classical music, opera, pop music, rap, everything.

  7. Consider whether the music makes you feel the way your bodybuilding posing does.

  8. Try posing to different selections and see whether or not the music and your bodybuilding posing style seems to go together.

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