Choose Bodybuilding Posing Music

Choose Bodybuilding Posing Music

In the early days of bodybuilding contest, bodybuilders did not pose to specific pieces of music in competition and posing exhibitions. Often music was played, but it was simply meant to provide background. Bodybuilder individual posing routines were not geared to the mood, style, or rhythm of the music.

Be careful not to use music that is too popular at the moment, or you risk subjecting the judges to the third rendition of the same piece. And it's very important that you choose music that is appropriate, something that works for you, not just something that is popular. It wouldn't make sense for aesthetic. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to see smaller, less muscular bodybuilders trying to pose to the same music as he did. But the effect was ridiculous for two reasons: 1) The music was way too dramatic for the physiques they were displaying onstage; and 2) it doesn't make sense to use any music that is too closely identified with a well-known champion.

Length of music is important because when you pose for longer periods of time you risk boring the judges. Kept your routine to around 2 minutes, hitting about twenty to twenty-two poses, showing the judges the superiority of your muscles development and then getting off the stage, keeping it short and sweet. Posing for longer periods is risky, but it still can be done.

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