Bodybuilding Posing - Side Triceps

Bodybuilding Posing - Side Triceps

How to do Side Triceps pose

1) Stand to the side and go up on your toe on the leg nearest the judges to flex the calf.

2) Straighten your arm and move it toward the back when performing the side triceps posing.

3) Reach around behind you with your other hand and grab your wrist.

4) Flex your triceps, and turn your body slightly one way and the other to show your arm to all the judges.

5) For a triceps pose, you can again choose which leg should be used to support you.

The side triceps pose can be done with the arm slightly bent, with the arm straight and body turned more to the front or to the side. Looking in the mirror or posing for photos will help you to see which variation of the pose is best for you.

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