Bodybuilding Posing Oil

Bodybuilding Posing Oil

Bodybuilders use oil onstage during bodybuilding posing to highlight the shape of the body and bring out the full definition of the muscles. Intense lights have a tendency to flatten you out during your bodybuilding poses, and a light coat of oil along with a good tan allows the judges to fully appreciate your muscular development. When you see a bodybuilding competitor posing onstage without enough oil you can immediately see that he looks flatter, less muscular, and much less interesting.

You need help to oil yourself completely - somebody to put oil on your back and tell you whether you have achieved an even application. In your early contests, you can generally find another competitor who will oil your back if you oil his. However, when you get into higher-level competition, you can never be sure that a rival won't play a trick on you.

Bodybuilding posing oil, like color, is often best applied in stages. When your skin is dry, especially if it is hot backstage, the first coat of oil is likely to sink in fairly quickly. After a few minutes, add another coat of oil and you'll begin to see the kind of effect you are seeking. Be careful of putting on last-minute color and oil one right after another prior your bodybuilding poses, since this is almost guaranteed to make the color run.

You need to experiment to find the kind of oil that looks best for you during your bodybuilding posing. A product like baby oil is great for photo shoots, where the light is totally controlled, but generally makes you too shinny onstage. We have seen bodybuilders use everything from olive oil to Pam spray to oil up before a show, as well as various kinds of body oils and creams. Use experimentation and experience to see what works best for you. Just keep in mind that too much oil is as bad as too little. Having the lights glaring off your body as if you were a mirror is not going to gain you any advantage with the judges during your bodybuilding competition.

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