Bodybuilding Posing - Learning by Observing

Bodybuilding Posing - Learning by Observing

One of the best ways of learning what's involved in becoming an effective bodybuilding competitor is to train with a bodybuilder who has contest experience. Not only will you pick up vital training information, but you will also have a chance to share his knowledge of bodybuilding posing, diet, and bodybuilding contest preparation.

Another strategy is to attend as many bodybuilding competitions as possible. You learn more about what goes on in a bodybuilding competition by watching other people compete and perform their bodybuilding posing than you ever did when you were in the show and preoccupied with your own performance. Standing aside and watching can be invaluable. You can see what is happening onstage much better from the audience than you can when you are standing up there yourself. You can detect mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

You need to watch everything that goes on: what takes place in each of the bodybuilding posing, how the contest is conducted, and what sort of instructions the bodybuilders are given onstage. You can study the competitors and try to understand why one is doing something right and another isn't. You see it one competitor is using too much oil, one is too smooth, and how effective different styles of posing and presentation can be. Once you have a clear idea of what works and what doesn't, you can begin to plan your own bodybuilding posing and presentation. We recommend taking some notes so that you don't forget what you've observed.

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