Bodybuilding Posing - Forearms Muscle

Bodybuilding Posing - Forearms Muscle

There are two different kinds of bodybuilding posing for forearms muscle: direct, in which you are deliberately calling attention to your forearm muscles; and indirect, in which you are primarily posing other muscle group but the forearms muscle play a role nonetheless. Often when you hit a bodybuilding pose, people watching don't specifically notice forearm development, but they would certainly notice if it wasn't there.

Since forearms are a third of the total arm, without proper forearm development the whole arm looks out of proportion. In a front double-biceps pose, the forearm must look full enough to balance off the development of the biceps. From the rear, in a back double-biceps, the muscularity of the forearm is part of the total effect.

Impressive forearms help you in every bodybuilding posing from side chest to most muscular and are extremely important when you have your arms extended, as in the classic javelin-thrower pose in which one arm is flexed, the other extended.

Certain bodybuilding poses are virtually impossible to carry off without exceptional forearm development. Some bodybuilders have such well-developed forearms that they can turn non-forearm poses into forearm showcases.

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