Bodybuilding Posing - Control Your Emotions

Bodybuilding Posing - Control Your Emotions

Another mistake that can make your bodybuilding posing less than it ought to be is to let yourself get too emotional. A big difference between acting and sports is that actors generally have to psych themselves up to do a scene, while athletes - subject to the pressures and stress of competition - have to psych themselves down, to keep their emotions under control. This doesn't mean you approach a bodybuilding contest without enthusiasm or intensity. Far from it. But a really competitive person will feel so much excitement and emotion that he can easily begin making bad decisions if those emotions are not controlled.

This need to control emotion exists in most sports. Archers and target shooters learn to quiet their minds and control their breathing. Boxers and martial artists are constantly warned not to let themselves get angry during a bout. Even football players have been described as playing with "controlled rage", the operative word here being "controlled". If your emotions get out of control, so does your performance.

Incidentally, one of the all time greats at emotional control was Frank Zane. Few people seeing him onstage would ever guess how emotional he really is. He was always able to keep his cool and not get too caught up by the reactions of the audience. And although Dorian Yates often appeared to the audience as if he were unemotional and carved out of granite, he would never have won so many Mr. Olympia titles without being driven by a very intense, and emotional, desire for victory.

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