Bodybuilding Posing - Abdominals and Thighs

Bodybuilding Posing - Abdominals and Thighs

How to do Abdominals and Thighs pose

1) Stand to the front.

2) Put one leg out in front and flex the quadriceps muscles when performing the abdominals and thighs posing.

3) Put your hands behind your head and crunch forward, contracting your abdominals as much as possible.

4) Lean your torso to either side, working and showing off the abs muscles to their best advantage.

5) During your abdominals and thighs pose, you can switch legs, bringing the back one forward and flexing the quad.

6) Some bodybuilders do a stomach vacuum first and then crunch forward to blast their abs.

7) With an overhead abdominal pose, when you are fully into the pose, cough to get the last of the air out of your lungs and bring out the abdominals fully.

The hands overhead abdominal pose is one of the most exhausting. Bending your torso to one side and the other while flexing and posing your legs at the same time, to impress the judges with your quadriceps development.

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