Bodybuilding Posing 101

Bodybuilding Posing 101

Bodybuilding posing is vitally important because, after years of hard training, working out for hours a day in the gym, and dieting with great discipline for ten to twelve weeks, you can win or lose a bodybuilding competition with the same body! It isn't just your physique that is being evaluated; it's your physique as you are able to pose it to the judges.

The key to posing in bodybuilding, as well as in other sports, is painstaking and careful preparation. Bodybuilders need preparation to ensure their performance will represent their best efforts in a bodybuilding contest - their "performance", of course, being their ability to show off their physiques to maximum advantage in front of the judges.

Training involves one set of skills. Bodybuilding posing involves another set of skills completely. You have to practice bodybuilding posing for endless hours to learn those skills, and you also have to compete in a lot of bodybuilding contests in order to be able to use those skills under the pressure of competition. Of course, many beginners don't realize how much there is to learn when it comes to bodybuilding posing. Bodybuilding posing can seem much simpler to master than it really is.

  • You have to master each of the individual compulsory bodybuilding poses.
  • You have to practice these bodybuilding poses until you have established total control over each of the muscles involved.
  • You need to devote many, many hours to practicing so you can hold your bodybuilding poses for long periods of time without feeling undue fatigue, having your muscles start to shake, or developing muscle cramps.
  • You have to create an individual bodybuilding posing routine that best displays the qualities of your physique.
  • You have to practice your routine until you can do all the transitions between bodybuilding poses with perfect smoothness.
  • You have to actually use these skills onstage because only experience teaches you to pose correctly when under pressure at an actual contest.
  • In addition to working on the bodybuilding poses themselves, you need to work on your facial expressions. Part of the impression you make on the judges depends on them.

Hitting and holding your bodybuilding poses correctly in front of the judges is essential. But you also have to realize that you are posing all the time you're onstage, not just when you are out front hitting shots. We can't count the number of times we've seen a bodybuilder who looked good when he was posing go to the back of the stage and suddenly start to slump down, to let his stomach stick out and in the process totally destroy the good image he had created.

It doesn't matter what kind of physique you have if you can't display it properly. In addition to being able to pose, you have to pay careful attention to your overall appearance. The judges are not just looking at your muscles and your cuts, they are looking at the total you - everything from how you stand, move, and pose, to your skin tone, haircut, and posing trunks, to your overall demeanor. This is where facial expression becomes so important. Do you look confident, like a winner? or anxious, like a loser? When you hit your bodybuilding poses and are contracting your muscles as hard as you can, is your face all screwed up, are you grimacing like a gargoyle - or have you learned to pose "from the neck down" so that your body is flexed but your face is relaxed?

Bodybuilding is a sport, but it is also theater. You not only have to be good, you also have to make sure the judges take notice. The point is not to fake the facial expression, but to really believe in yourself and to let that belief show to everybody in the audience.

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