Bodybuilding Poses - Posing Mistakes

Bodybuilding Poses - Posing Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes made during the posing of bodybuilding poses:

  • Not practicing enough or doing enough preparation prior bodybuilding competition

  • Failing to learn to do the bodybuilding poses correctly

  • Tensing up the face while posing

  • Looking worried or tired instead of energetic and confident

  • Flexing so hard the whole body shakes and quivers with the effort

  • Making a poor choice of bodybuilding poses for the individual bodybuilding posing routine

  • Choosing inappropriate music

  • Using too much or too little oil

  • Losing balance while posing

  • Doing poor transitions between posing

  • Letting yourself relax while standing at the back of the stage, forgetting the judges are still looking at you

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