Bodybuilding Poses - The Boredom Factor

Bodybuilding Poses - The Boredom Factor

In some bodybuilding contests as many as thirty different bodybuilders poses. This can be difficult and bored to sit through, even if you are as big a fan of bodybuilding as we are. But we see some bodybuilding events where we're almost ready to fall asleep after only three or four posing routines. The problem is that way too many bodybuilders go about their routines in a very boring way.

Many try to be dramatic in ways that just don't work. For example, the music starts and we listen for a while before the competitor slowly walks out from the wings to the center of the stage. What's that all about? What a waste of time! it's better to just get out there, start the music, and begin hitting bodybuilding poses.

It's a bodybuilding contest, and it's all about impressing everybody with the presentation of your muscular physique. When a bodybuilder name is announced, he should come out and show the audience and judges what they've got. The audience and bodybuilding judges don't need to watch the bodybuilder walking across the stage.

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