Bodybuilding Pose - Standing Relaxed

Bodybuilding Pose - Standing Relaxed

Round one : Standing Relaxed Pose

The first round of bodybuilding competition involves bodybuilders being judged by performing the standing relaxed pose - they stand, hands at their sides, facing forward, to the back, and to both sides.

In spite of this kind of posing being called standing relaxed, the competitors are usually tensing all their muscles very hard indeed. This round is usually referred to as a symmetry round. Indeed, when you are standing relaxed in this position the overall shape of the body (called symmetry in bodybuilding), as well as its shape and proportion, is what your are most easily able to observe. Judges also look at things like grooming, skin tone, tan, and whether the trunks fit well and are of an appropriate color.

Actually, the first round is often referred to as overall assessment, and this is more accurate than symmetry. The judges are supposed to look at everything in every round, not just symmetry or muscularity. What makes the rounds different is the way in which the body is pose and presented, which tends to reveal one aspect of the physique more than the others.

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