Bodybuilding Pose - Onstage

Bodybuilding Pose - Onstage

Every bodybuilder has to learn how to pace himself during bodybuilding poses onstage. With the pressure and excitement of a bodybuilding contest, adrenaline floods your body, and you may have a tendency to rush your bodybuilding posing.

Always attempt to pace your bodybuilding poses evenly, timing each one by counting slowly to three. If a bodybuilding pose was worth looking at, it was worth holding long enough to give everybody a good look - and this also allowed magazine photographers time to get the shots they needed.

If your method is to jiggle around a bit before setting into your pose, that's okay as long as you are getting approval from your audience. This is where experience before crowds becomes invaluable. Be alert to the reactions of the audience; the feedback they give you can be extremely helpful. Remember, a gym mirror can tell you only so much.

Take special care in setting up the bodybuilding pose that will knock the audience out of their seats. You see this a lot in good back shots: The bodybuilder scrunches his shoulder blades together, firsts on hips, and holds this comparatively poor pose for about five seconds. Then he finally slowly, spreads out the lats and leaves the audience gasping.

Good bodybuilding pose is a performing art, and like all performing arts, it is most often a matter of good timing. You should leave the stage at the high point, when anything else would be anticlimactic. By having your routine build up to a crescendo and saving the major wallops for last, your audience will be entertained and excited by your performance.

Good bodybuilding pose is like a symphony: The faster movements contrast with the slower ones; the dynamics should constantly change. There are quick, dramatic movements, to be followed by slow, graceful ones. There is rhythm and there is emotion. And it is here that you will find the highest level of achievement in bodybuilding.

One prominent bodybuilder advised in his seminars that bodybuilders should never make any overdramatic moves. He said you should go from a back pose to a side pose, for example, not from a back pose immediately to a front pose. There are certainly times when you should follow this advice, but there are others in which an unexpected bodybuilding posing is effective - like Dorian Yates's dramatic most-muscular shot, in which he contracts his upper body, thrusts out his leg, and appears to be some mythical monster suddenly manifesting himself onstage.

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