Bodybuilding Competition - Round Two

Bodybuilding Competition - Round Two

In round two of the bodybuilding competition, the bodybuilders go through a series of compulsory poses designed to show the judges their specific strengths and weaknesses. These poses are :

front double biceps

front lat spread

side chest

back double biceps

rear lat spread

side triceps

hands over head abdominals and thighs

The compulsory bodybuilding poses are not designed to be pretty or to make the body look aesthetic. They are intended to give the judges a cold, clinical look at the body, to highlight strengths and expose weaknesses. And because this is the round that tends to give the judges a lasting impression of your physique, it can be the most important in the show. So practicing the compulsory bodybuilding poses, over and long, sometimes until your muscles start cramping, is absolutely necessary to doing your best in an bodybuilding contest.

The second part of the contest is the finals, or the "night show", since it is usually (but not always) held in the evening; prejudging usually takes place in the morning or the afternoon.

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