Bodybuilding Competition - Round Two : Free Posing

Bodybuilding Competition - Round Two : Free Posing

In bodybuilding competition round three you do your own free posing routine to your own choice of music. You hit the poses that are the most flattering, in the way that best shows off your body, while at the same time not appearing to be avoiding showing off any body parts (which will inevitably draw the judges' attention to just what you are trying to hide).

In your own free posing routine, you can hit any pose you want - twisting shots, kneeling and lunging poses, hard-core muscle or beautiful aesthetic poses. In some amateur contests there is a time limit for your posing routine, perhaps only a minute, while the pros can take as long as they like. Always check before any bodybuilding contest on what the rules are, especially when it comes to free posing.

In round two, you do the bodybuilding poses the judges want to see, the way they want to see them. But in round three, you have the opportunity to say to the judges, "We've looked at my physique your way; now let me show it to you the way I want you to see it." Here is where you can let your personality and creativity shine through. You can come across as powerful, confident, energetic and imaginative - or dull, predictable, and boring. It's all up to you.

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