Bodybuilding Competition - Practicing for Round Four

Bodybuilding Competition - Practicing for Round Four

In bodybuilding competition round four, you stand onstage with the other top bodybuilding competitors, go briefly through some compulsory bodybuilding poses, and then are free to hit any poses you want while the judges watch you and make their final determinations. You don't go through one set routine; you are in direct competition with the other bodybuilders for the attention of the judges. They have only a minute or so to make up their minds, so you need to make a quick and decisive impression.

During this short, intense bout of bodybuilding posing competition your most formidable opponents are right onstage next to you, which gives you a tremendous opportunity to convince the judges that you are the one who ought to be declared the winner. But to use posing to gain that end, you need to use your mind. Posing at the highest level is almost more mental than physical, a kind of three-dimensional chess game.

By the time the bodybuilding posedown occurs, everyone is tired - you have been posing all day in the prejudging and done your posing routine under the pressures of the evening show. It is very easy to let down at this point. We have seen bodybuilders in the middle of a posedown begin to hesitate, lose track of what they were doing, and then have to quickly hit any random pose so as not to make complete fools of themselves. Fatigue, both mental and physical, becomes the enemy at this stage. The only way to avoid burning out before the bodybuilding posedown is finished is to prepare for it thoroughly, to practice this kind of free posing over and over. Only constant conditioning will prepare you for the rigors of this phase of the bodybuilding competition.

When preparing for a contest, always made it a point to know who you would be posing against and planned accordingly. Look at tapes of opponents posing routines when possible and study each one to see how they put each sequence of poses together. Look for inconsistencies indicating an bodybuilding opponent who was not sure of his routine, one who might be looking for something better. A consistent routine, on the other hand, would always indicate that a given opponent was satisfied, so take what he considered to be his best poses and improve on them. Too many bodybuilders in the posedown just hit their best shots and pay little attention to the other competitors. The only time this works is when you are clearly the most superior bodybuilder onstage - and as competitive as the sport is these days, this is something that rarely happens.

You have to pose smart as well as hard. Being able to exercise this kind of strategy takes a lot of time and experience to learn, and most beginners shouldn't worry about such things but instead ought to concentrate on showing off their physiques as competently as possible. But it is the kind of "smart" bodybuilding posing you'll need to learn in the future if you want to be truly a master of bodybuilding posing.

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